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Update on crime in Weetwood

We do a lot of work with the police. While policing is separate to the council, we think it's really important to have a good working relationship and in our experience they respond really well to ideas and pro-active work.

We've written a guide to what's been happening in the last month. One important message for everyone, please report. You'll see from below that action is being taken, but the targeting of that work all depends on reporting.

For non-urgent crime you can ring 101 or do it online.


We've asked the police to do speed gun work on key roads in the ward such as Weetwood Lane, Tinshill Lane, and Spen Lane. They've been doing this over the last month, tickets have been issued. If you have a road where you think there's a problem please tell us.

Last week our weekly street surgery was in the Bentleys. Residents on Bentley Lane told us speeding was a problem, so we've asked them to do more speeding enforcement on Bentley Lane and surrounding roads like Grove Lane.

Otley Run

We've done a lot of work to tackle problems on the Otley Run. It has been quieter in the last month or so, but as a result of the local legal changes we made a number of fines for public urination were issued in December.

We spoke with the police today about a plan to make sure there is enough enforcement and awareness raising in the warmer spring months. And we've funded signs warning people about the risk of fines for bad behaviour, these are on their way.

Illegal parking

Parking on pavements in a way that obstructs pedestrians is a massive nuisance. In 2020 Leeds asked the government for the power to ban pavement parking in our city, we're still waiting but have been promised a decision will be made shortly... in London it has been banned for decades!

In the meantime, obstructive parking is a crime and we've been doing work with the police to raise awareness of that and issue fines for people who don't move when asked. This work has been particularly focused around schools, in all weathers! Thank you to everyone who parks responsibly or walks/cycles to school, you're doing us all a favour.

Nuisance vehicles

We all get frustrated and concerned about dangerous behaviour on quad bikes, e-bikes, motorbikes, and adapted cars. These are difficult to enforce against as catching people in the act isn't easy, but in the last month five people have been caught in our ward. Please do report it so the police know which areas to target their work on.

Car theft

This is still a real problem locally, please take a look at these guides written by the police to help you try and prevent it.

Egging / anti social behaviour

We know a few people have had issues with their homes being egged in the West Park / Far Headingley area. We've been working with the police on this, making sure the issue is taken seriously and cases are looked at collectively. The problem seems to have died down recently so if this happens to you we really want to hear about it to make sure it's cracked down on.

Paving stone theft

This is an incredibly selfish crime which makes our area look less pretty, costs us a lot of money, and can make it unsafe for pedestrians. If you see anyone hoisting up paving slabs the most important information is a vehicle registration. Please phone the police and note down that reg, but don't put yourself at risk.

Drug dealing

We've saved the most serious crime for last to provide a fuller update on the work the police are doing. We raise drug dealing concerns whenever residents raise them, and we are so grateful for the hard work they put into this:


Operation Braylock

Operation Braylock is the name given to Inner North West Neighbourhood Police Team’s ongoing crackdown on the use & sale of illegal drugs in the local area, which has now branched out into wider Leeds, with Officers from Inner North West leading.

Since the operation’s inception in 2021, the following results have been gained:

  • Over £82million worth of annual drugs revenue has been prevented from making its way into criminal accounts.

  • Over 26,900 Cannabis plants destroyed.

  • 98 Arrests made.

  • Sentences totalling over 92 years have been handed out to those involved.

  • 18 people found within Cannabis farms & found to have entered the UK illegally have

  • been deported.

Weetwood specific

  • On 18th December, NPT Officers stopped a vehicle on Otley Old Road. Checks revealed that the driver had no license, no insurance & was wanted for drug production offences elsewhere in Leeds. He was arrested and his vehicle seized for no insurance.

  • On 23rd January, PCSO Thorpe lead a test-purchasing operation with our Police cadets at retailers throughout North West Leeds, specifically looking at the sale of vapes. Two out of Six stores did allow a sale without checking for ID. These shopkeepers received community resolution notices & advice on selling age-restricted items.

  • On 30th January, PCSO Bushby & PC Turner were working alongside representatives from Leeds City Council’s taxi licensing department to conduct spot checks of vehicles being used as taxis, for their roadworthiness. 46 vehicles were stopped, with 3 receiving immediate suspension & 2 receiving rectification notices to get their vehicles fixed in the allotted time.

  • On 7th February, Roads Policing Officers were patrolling in Weetwood and Headingley areas as part of Operation SPARC. One vehicle was seized for driving without insurance, three tickets given for not wearing a seatbelt & two tickets given for the vehicles being in an unsafe condition.


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