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Vehicle crime - how to prevent it

There has been an increase in vehicle crime in our area recently.

We've been speaking to the local police about this. They are putting more resources into tackling it, but most of the crime is preventable.

They asked that we share these guides.

Theft of keyless cars is a major issue, here's a leaflet about that:

keyless theft A5 leaflet
Download PDF • 4.88MB

Theft of items left inside cars and vans is also a problem, here are some tips on that:

Theft from motor vehicles
Download PDF • 3.45MB

And on motorcycle theft:

Motorbike Theft
Download PDF • 6.46MB

Finally, a more general leaflet:

Vehicle Crime Leaflet
Download PDF • 347KB

We hope it's useful! If you see anything suspicious or notice criminal activity, even if it seems minor, please always report it. It helps the police make decisions about where to target their resources: Report it | West Yorkshire Police


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