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New 'Catch' Premises Licence

Since then we have met with Ed Mason, who is taking over the premises, to discuss the needs of the local community. It was a very productive meeting.

And on Tuesday the Licence application was reviewed and approved by a committee of councillors.

Izaak went along to underline the written submission we had made, and discuss what conditions would be needed to make sure that the new premises doesn't add to the problems associated with the Otley Run.

We are very pleased that the derelict site is being taken over and that sensible conditions have been agreed to.

It is being taken over by Ed Mason, who has done a great job with Meanwood Tavern.

But this will not be a pub. It will be a pizza restaurant and cocktail bar. Here are some of the key outcomes from the committee meeting:

  • They will not be allowed to serve Otley Runners in fancy dress

  • It is a condition that the premises must be food-led

  • The outdoor area won't be used past 10pm

  • Noise must not be audible to the nearest residence (Orchard Court) after 11pm

  • They will carry out twice daily inspections/collections of any litter around the premises - again this is a condition of their licence

  • They will open their car park for parents to use freely (with a waiting limit) to help with school drop off / pick up at Weetwood Primary

  • During 25 years in the business Ed and his team haven't had a single Licensing or Anti-Social Behaviour incident, which gives us confidence that they are the right people to run this new business

We will keep the conversation going to make sure any new ideas or issues are dealt with.


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