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Update on 'Catch' in Headingley

Updated: Mar 7

We've promised to keep people updated about this much loved business premises.

A licence application has gone in to turn it into a family focused pizza restaurant, cocktail bar, and function room. We are submitting our own comment, with the aim of ensuring that the business flourishes without negatively contributing to existing problems around the Otley Run.

You can read our submission below, and read the licence application itself here.

If you want to submit your own comments simply use the link above to comment by the 29th of March.

Our submission to Licensing in regard to the 'Catch' Headingley licence application

We support the establishment of a new family restaurant in this location. We're sure the new owners will turn it into another thriving local business, which is really welcome.

However, it is well established that there is a need to limit the negative 'cumulative' impact of the Otley Run in this area of Weetwood. We have previously secured the extension of the Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA) to Weetwood and believe it should be referenced in the Licensing decision.

In order to not add to the cumulative drinking problem in the area we propose these conditions:

  • Alcohol must be consumed seated

  • No admittance to groups in fancy dress/or engaging in 'the Otley Run’

These conditions were accepted recently for the comparable 'Residence' venue in Headingley, again in reference to the CIA, and that premises appears to be thriving.

Additional points:

Opening Hours - we are concerned that 1am is too late for Monday to Saturday. There are two blocks of older people's apartments directly opposite the premises. A noisy premises open until 1am every weekday is imbalanced. Also, will there be outdoor seating? This would make late opening hours significantly more of a problem.

Parking - there are parking issues in that area. Would visitors to the restaurant have parking provision? There is a small car park opposite Catch, can this be guaranteed for use? And a great benefit to the community would be to allow Weetwood Primary school parents to use this car park for free up to 9am to make school drop off easier.

Neighbourhood / environment - a commitment to help keep the area clean especially from any takeaway containers.

Finally - the inclusion of a 'function room' is welcome for local community groups, it should be ensured that this is accessible.


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