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Using student changeover to support local charities

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

The collective effort that has gone into student changeover this year has been phenomenal, thank you to everyone who got involved with promoting the recycling options and making sure as much as possible went to local charities!

We worked with local volunteers to go around the Hyde Park area and the areas in our own ward with higher numbers of students, encouraging movers to donate to charities and reporting cases of fly tipping.

Local charities like Rainbow Junktion reported a huge increase in donations. And residents we spoke to certainly felt that the area was cleaner and tidier than previous years.

In the months leading up to this the council and the universities put more effort than ever before into providing easy ways to donate unwanted items, and making sure that landlords were aware of their responsibilities.

It seems to have worked well. We'll go bigger and better next year!


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