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Dealing with flooding

On Bank Holiday Monday we had flash flooding throughout the ward.

It was particularly bad in Cookridge/Ireland Wood area, and in Meanwood by the Beck.

The Environment Agency website shows this as the highest level ever recorded at Meanwood Beck. We took this picture while trying to help residents on Monk Bridge Terrace deal with the flooding as it was in progress.

In the short term, the council's Flood Risk team is coordinating efforts with the Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water to investigate the flash flooding in each neighbourhood to find out what needs to change to prevent it being this bad again.

Here's what is happening in each area affected, including our own role:


The council is already working on a flood alleviation plan for the beck and we are expecting plans imminently, we have chased these. We will also work with the neighbourhood and council officers to acquire sandbags for this area to help in the future, and to come up with a 'community resilience' plan for events such as these. There are some other specific issues which we are taking up.

Cookridge and Ireland Wood

We think some of the flooding in the area is due to damage to the water infrastructure, which is primarily Yorkshire Water's responsibility. This appears to be an issue in parts of the Spen Lane area too. If you think this is the case for your street, please let us know. We're working with the Flood Risk team to push for Yorkshire Water to investigate and take action as soon as possible.

Woodside Quarry/Clayton Wood

We are working with the Planning and Flood Risk teams to try and make sure the developers are properly securing this site, built on clay, and that residents have a named contact they can use rather than the generic Taylor Wimpey line. This is important to have them feel assured that this land, which is not yet adopted by the council, is being looked after.

If you think anything is missing or you have concerns about your street, please let us know.


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