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Highlights from Leeds economic report

Both The Times and The Guardian have run articles in the last few weeks confirming what we already knew, which is that Leeds is an amazing place to live.

We always say we love living here, but there is work to do. Transport improvements, inequality, health challenges all need to be addressed. Leeds City Council drives this work through its 'Inclusive Growth' strategy.

Today we had an update on that work, here are some highlights:

  • Adult learning and apprenticeships: OFSTED inspected our adult learning and apprenticeship programmes and judged them Outstanding - we're actually the first local authority to get this since the inspections started in 2019

  • In February we had our largest ever Apprenticeship Recruitment Fair, the largest in the north of England, and there were 11,000 visitors with over 100 exhibitors

  • A year round programme of events for our Manufacturing Festival also launched in February

  • Transport is considered the biggest barrier to growth in Leeds. Progress here includes Tracy Brabin passing the consultation and business case requirements to bring buses into public control, and funding won to create a business case for West Yorkshire Mass Transit

  • £25m energy efficiency scheme completed across six tower blocks in Leeds, this is expected to halve energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions by a third

  • Leeds PIPES - our district heating programme - is now providing heating to three more council blocks and the Conservatoire has become the 13th business to sign a contract to also join this heating system

  • Our programme to move street lighting to LED has been completed, with expected annual savings of £3.4m

  • In September 2023 we launched our Business Anchors Network. With major local businesses in the group, it commits its members to invest in decent local jobs, and other local and environmental improvements

Here in Weetwood we play our own part to support this work.

We supported a trial of local delivery robots to see what impact that has, we've brought business support experts from the council and the Federation of Small Businesses to meet with businesses based in the ward, and we've supported new electric bike hire sites in the area to bring more visitors.


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