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Student changeover 2024

Last year we went out door knocking to support the student chanegover process - reducing waste, boosting local charities, and keeping our neighbourhood clean.

We'll be supporting the process again this year.

This guide from Unipol is the most important resource for finding out where you can donate and otherwise get rid of things you no longer want is here.

Big aim is to reduce waste collected, by reducing waste produced and to increase amount going to charity and re-use

A leaflet will be going out to 8,000 homes in the Burley / Headingley / Woodhouse / Hyde Park area.

2,500 of these homes will be door knocked in early June as well.

There will be donation points (see the link above).

And landlords are being targeted with information - making clear their responsibities (and the penalties if they don't meet them).

We'll be communicating with you throughout the process, and if you spot a problem we of course encourage you to contact us!


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