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Petition: Otley Old Road pedestrian crossing

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

The junction between Otley Old Road, New Adel Lane, and Spen Lane is busy and difficult to cross.

We've certainly noticed this ourselves when walking around the area, and residents have told us they feel unsafe walking there too.

It's a three way junction of three busy, fast roads. And it's an important route if you want to get the bus, go to Ireland Wood surgery (the nearest crossing is well past the surgery), use local shops, or go back and forth from school.

There are many residents of all ages - from school children to the elderly - and we feel it's really important to support people who wish to walk by making sure it's safe to cross there.

Transport officers have told us that if we can demonstrate community support, a pedestrian crossing at the junction is likely to be agreed to. So please sign our petition if you agree!


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