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Glass collections coming in summer

We've invested in technology to allow glass to be extracted from recycling. This means that in Leeds, for the first time ever, we'll soon be able to put our glass straight into our green recycling bins.

The service is estimated to go live in August, although it may be a little later - we'll keep you updated. Please don't put glass in until you get a letter!

In the past, collecting glass has been too much of a stretch in terms of environmental and financial cost because it would require extra lorries going around collecting a separate bin. But the separation technology is improving and proved to work.

This is something we've been pushing for since Emma was elected in 2021. We're really pleased that the council can deliver new convenient services like this even with massive government cuts and inflation.

Other exciting bin news!

More frequent collections to boost recycling

From Spring most parts of Meanwood which have had only monthly green bin collections will move to fortnightly, with black bins moving to fortnightly too. Across the city this applies to 10,000 households - a massive boost to recycling in our city.

In higher density housing areas including Headingley, Hyde Park, and Harehills 10,000 households are moving to WEEKLY green and black bin collections. A good investment in tackling street waste and pests.

Improving collection rates where parking is a problem

We're trebling the number of households covered by a smaller vehicle, ensuring higher collection rates where parking is a problem.

And in Weetwood we're working with the police to follow bin lorries and educate / ticket parked vehicles that are blocking collections.

The easiest place to get rid of waste responsibly

We have one of the only free garden waste collections in the region, and you can take it free to the recycling centre too.

This week our accredited waste carrier directory goes live, the only one in the country!

And we have free bulky waste collection for your first five items a year. Again, an extremely unusual service.

Our Labour council has absolutely prioritised making it easier to get rid of waste responsibly.

Did you know?

In Leeds 99.5% of household waste is either recycled or used to heat city centre housing and public buildings. And the news above means the recycling rates are only set to increase.


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