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Otley Old Road pedestrian safety

Thank you to everyone who has signed our petition for a pedestrian crossing on Otley Old Road (there's still time to sign).

So far 125 individuals have signed it. Of those 113 lived in LS16, and eight lived in LS6. None of us as councillors have signed it but our support is hopefully a given!

We thought it would be interesting for people to see the kinds of comments people left. It shows why this work matters, and why pedestrian safety is a priority for us.

Because it makes a huge difference to people's quality of life, enables people to walk to school with their kids which is their preferred choice, and gives those who don't have a car more freedom.

Our next steps are to present this petition to the transport team, and we've arranged a meeting to discuss it.

Example comments

"I have tried crossing here with a pushchair and it is particularly difficult at busy times with cars going in so many directions and not always indicating. There are limited other crossing points without walking a long way out of your way"

"My children and I cross this road every day to get to Holy Name. It is highly dangerous when having a child with disabilities crossing this road."

"Very dangerous area for people to cross at the moment. I’ve passed there many a time in my car only to see people struggling to cross. I’d hate to think of my kids trying to cross in a year or two when they get to the age of being ok to walk out alone or with friends."

"You can stand there for 15 minutes. You have to check both ways plus the top of Spen Lane and the end of New Adel Lane. Speeding drivers cutting corners makes it dangerous. The closest crossing is much further up Otley Old Road."

"Its such a busy road and I have seen so many near misses with pedestrians trying to cross the road."

"Sometimes really busy and can never get across, cars drive fast and come out of nowhere"

"I drive through this junction twice a day and see lots of pedestrians trying to cross. It's very dangerous and often relies on cars showing to give way which can cause further dangers. Pedestrians of all ages try to cross here including parents with young children and schoolchildren alone. I would like to see a pedestrian crossing installed to keep all road users safe."

"I walk and drive this route multiple times a day and every single day observe people (and a lot of school children) having problems crossing there"

"Important for the elderly to get to and from the surgery safely."

"It will be a lot safer for all our community who crosses there often as I am one of them & it is a very dangerous road"

"I have to cross this road daily and given the cross roads from down lane to new adle lane it’s very hard, especially with a dog"

"I drive past there all the time and feel awful for people trying to cross. Cars coming off Spen lane and new Adel lane come out at a fast speed and the bend of the road doesn’t help along with the bushes it’s hard to see anyone crossing."

"Much needed for the safety of the people of Cookridge"

"Make road users aware crossing ahead. it goes from 40 miles to 30 and people still drive at 40."

"It's always difficult to cross here and sometimes dangerous because you have to rush across"

"A crossing is long overdue I struggle to cross there at various times of the day and have seen many people of all ages trying to coordinate crossing at a point where 3 roads meet. There is a sheltered housing complex on new adel lane and many of the residents get off the bus at the nearby stop and have to try and cross safely. There are cars that come round the corner from spen lane at speed which is a hazard!"

"We live just down the road and need to cross here every day - it's very dangerous, cars come zooming round the corners disregarding pedestrians."

"It will make crossing the road much safer. There are many people who cross at this place"

"At the moment it’s not a safe place to cross, a very busy junction"

"There are so many schools around that area that it would be safer for everyone!"


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