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Leeds rated best for Net Zero

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Leeds has been rated the city most likely to reach its net zero targets in the UK.

The rating, by Forbes Advisor, is based on a combination of factors including take up of cycling and electric vehicles.

Leeds does not have the benefit of mass transit, unlike other major British cities, so its top position reflects the massive progress our city has made in the last few years.

Here are some of the green schemes we're excited about:

  • A city wide electric bike hire scheme, to be introduced later this year with docking stations in Meanwood and Headingley and other locations around Leeds

  • The innovative delivery robot scheme designed to reduce very short car journeys, piloted in our very own LS16 area

  • Huge investment into retrofitting and adding solar panels to public buildings, and introducing new rules to get developers to do the same

  • Extra investment going into making walking and cycling safer and more pleasant. For example, the new A660 scheme will include six new safe pedestrian crossings on busy roads


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