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Horsforth ticket office closure

We joined Horsforth councillors at Horsforth train station last week, to campaign against the proposed closure of the ticket office there.

The government are currently running a public consultation with regards proposals to close ticket offices at stations all over the country, including Horsforth.

Hundreds of people use the ticket office every week at Horsforth station, and we are campaigning against the closure.

The proposals would see the ticket office closed, and a member of staff would only be on duty at the station from 7am-2pm on weekdays. We believe this would disadvantage a lot of local people, but particularly older people, and people with disabilities who need help at the station.

There is a petition at the station ticket office you can sign, against these closures and you can also object by having your say in the public consultation.

After campaigning across the political spectrum, the government today announced that the consultation - which was originally less than a month - will remain open until 1st September.

Significantly, Mayors across the country including West Yorkshire Labour Mayor Tracy Brabin are proposing legal action against these changes.

Tracy said:

"No amount of window dressing can hide the fact that this move is a smokescreen for savage cutbacks to the service, and any reduction in staffing will only make train stations less safe for the vulnerable.

“This consultation is barely worth the paper it’s written on. We as Mayors are united on this issue. I’d say to the government and train operating companies: listen to the people who know their areas best."


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