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Electric hire bikes expanding in our area

By the end of March the 'Beryl Bike' electric bike hire scheme in Leeds will have a further 200 bikes available to hire, and double the number of bays serving a wider area.

For Weetwood this will include Headingley, West Park, and Meanwood. If the scheme continues to succeed and with cycle safety improvements through the ward we will push for bays up to Horsforth and Ireland Wood.

Since the scheme launched in September 2023, it has already generated nearly 14,000 journeys across nearly 36,000 kilometres.

This first phase of the rollout saw 200 bikes and 20 bays installed across the city centre and along key routes to the south and north west.

Further bikes and bays are set to be delivered in the summer.

Beryl CEO, Phil Ellis, said:

“Leeds City Bikes really are a fun and simple way to travel sustainably, with the extra power helping to make occasionally hilly terrain more accessible to some riders and allowing them to undertake longer journeys.

They’re also ideal for commuting, with the electric boost reducing effort levels and allowing you to arrive at your workplace clean, fresh and ready to go.

By swapping the car for a Leeds City Bike journey you’re not only boosting your own health and fitness, you’re also helping to reduce congestion and harmful carbon emissions, so why not give it a try.”


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