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Election results in!

On Friday the votes were counted and we are delighted to say that Emma was re-elected, with 3,337 votes - 49% of all votes cast.

It's the first time in 30 years a Labour councillor has been re-elected in Weetwood, and only the second time ever. Thank you.

As a team we are all local, pro-active, and focused on the issues that matter most. Emma campaigned for local cost of living support, investing in children and young people, road safety, and environmental improvements.

Her re-election gives us an amazing opportunity to make some long term progress on all of these.

Our positive campaign inspired dozens of local people to help her get re-elected.

They are the people who knocked on your door for a chat, collected up food bank donations, or popped through a leaflet.

We can think of so many amazing local improvements that couldn't happen without these passionate volunteers!

So, again...

Alex Sobel MP, Councillor Izaak Wilson, Councillor Emma Flint, Councillor Jools Heselwood


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