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Action on the Otley Run

We recently shared our progress so far in tackling problems on the Otley Run. This month, working with Labour councillors across Headingley, we've organised 'Action Days' with the police, licensing officers, and council anti-social behaviour officers.

So far the team has seized alcohol being drunk on the streets, fined people for public urination, and challenged inappropriate behaviour and dress.

We sought these days for two reasons.

Firstly, May is always a busy time, so we want to keep these events under control.

But also because we need to build the evidence base for how large a problem this is. Many people tell us they see concerning behaviour, but the official reports to the police and the Anti Social Behaviour Team don't reflect these experiences. The action days allow us to collect this data.

If you see anything that worries you, please make sure you report it on: 101 (or 999 if emergency), or on the West Yorkshire Police live chat.

Thank you!


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