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February round up

Some recent news from Leeds and Weetwood:

See the Knife Angel at The Royal Armouries

The Knife Angel is made from over 100,000 seized blades.

Councillors from our area have made it a priority to support initiatives aimed at stopping people getting involved in crime, but we need to do more. Part of that is raising awareness so that it gets higher on the political agenda both locally and nationally.


We've reported dozens of roads to be re-gritted, and applied for and paid for a number of grit bins and grit bin refills. This week promises to be a cold one, if you need help with this contact us.

Important consultations

School uniform exchange, St Paul's Warm Welcome, street surgeries

A lot of people are struggling at the moment and we've made supporting local community groups a priority. Much of our time is spent supporting cost of living initiatives. In the last couple of weeks we've held five street surgeries to reach people directly, and volunteered at the Meanwood School Uniform Exchange and St Paul's weekly community meal.

Otley Road traffic

We appreciate the gas works on Otley Road are causing frustration. We all live locally and share this pain! It's urgent work that has to be done, we've been working with local businesses and residents to make sure Northern Gas are keeping them informed and taking their needs into account. If you need to contact Northern Gas please let us know.


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