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Cost of living support under threat

Update: the government at the very last minute announced a six month extension of the Household Support Fund. This is incredibly short termist and doesn't allow groups like those mentioned below to plan, but it's better than nothing and is a relief!

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Leeds has a lot of good community based support for people struggling with the cost of living. We see this every week when we help out at warm welcomes, food banks, food pantries and through our surgeries.

But much of this good work has been in limnb

The government has so far failed to renew the Household Support Fund.

This is funding for each local authority to use to support these initiatives. It's around £14m worth.

This week is budget week. We hope the government renews support for the fund, but if they don't offer support we will work with local MP Alex Sobel to put pressure on them to change their mind.

In January we voted on this at the Full meeting of Leeds City Council, delivering this cross-party message to the government:


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