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A guide to voting

If you've never voted before or don't usually vote this is a good guide to what you're voting for and how to do it. The good news is it's very easy and really worthwhile. Thank you for taking part!!

How to register to vote

It's dead easy and only takes 5 minutes. You can do it online here. You'll just need to know your National Insurance number.

The deadline to register is the 16th of April.

In the 2nd May local election all EU and British citizens can vote.

How to get a postal vote

The deadline to apply for a postal vote is 5pm on 17th April and you can apply for one here.

How to vote in person

If you don't have a postal vote you can only vote in person at a 'polling station'. There's one in every neighbourhood. You'll have to bring some photo ID such as a passport or a driving licence. If you don't have photo ID you can apply for a free photo ID here.

You can find your polling station and sign up for a reminder to vote online.

What this election is about

On Thursday 2nd May you have a chance to vote both for your Councillor and for Mayor of West Yorkshire.


Emma Flint is re-standing for Labour. If she wins she'll be able to carry on her brilliant work locally, alongside Izaak and Jools. Read more about Emma on this site.

Mayor of West Yorkshire

Please re-elect Tracy Brabin so she can continue her work to bring buses into public control and bring Mass Transit to our region. We need someone like Tracy who has a strong profile and record to stand up for West Yorkshire nationally.

What to do if you have a problem

If your postal vote doesn't arrive or you have some other issue with voting you can contact the council's elections team.

If you have a problem with this, please contact us.

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