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A guide to the Meanwod junction and centre scheme

Why is this scheme happening?

You can find the formal reports and plans for the scheme here.

The best documents to take a look are this overview report and this diagram of Highway changes.

The collisions and safety issues around Meanwood junction are well documented. See the map at the bottom of this page for example.

Part of the Planning agreement for Waitrose over a decade ago included safety improvements to the junction, with a financial contribution from Waitrose. That money is now being used as the majority share of a 'local centre' improvement scheme, which aims to make Meanwood centre a more pleasant space for shopping and other leisure pursuits. Other aspects of the scheme include wider pavements, tree planting, and better pedestrian crossings around Meanwood centre.

The junction itself will be signalised, segregated cycle access will be put in, and the right turn onto Monkbridge Road from Green Road will be removed.

Additionally, we have argued for and won:

  • A commitment to make Monkbridge Road 20mph and to make safety improvements at the pedestrian crossings

  • Active travel funding for neighbouring residential roads, to pay for measures that will happen stop and mitigate rat running

Our views as local councillors

Plans for a scheme at this junction have been in place since the arrival of Waitrose back in 2010. We were elected much more recently, since then we have worked to ensure that local voices have been heard. The key concern has been about possible increases of rat running due to the banned turn.


We pushed for alternatives to be considered, but traffic engineers insist that the scheme as it stands is the only way to achieve the aims of the scheme: to increase safety at the junction for pedestrians, cyclists, and car users and to improve the landscape of Meanwood centre. We opposed the inclusion of the banned turn, but for that reason and because it was backed as-is by councillors from the neighbouring ward (in which this work partly falls) we were overruled - see the responses of Highways engineers to objections here.

There are genuine benefits to the scheme - including safer pedestrian crossings around the Meanwood centre and on Monkbridge Road - and we believe we get more done by constructively trying to make the best of any situation. When it was clear that the proposals would be going ahead, we pushed for and secured additional wins for residents as part of the scheme, including:

  • Reduction of speeds on Monkbridge Road to 20mph

  • Additional funding to help address any increased rat running in our residential streets

We have also won an agreement that once complete, the junction will be monitored and if it is believed traffic can still flow appropriately and safely without banned turns, then this feature of the scheme will be removed.

We have asked for the traffic modelling for this scheme to be shared with us in an easy to share format, so we can post it here.

Road safety is a major priority for us, we have done all we can to ensure this scheme is as good as possible for local residents, and do believe we can expect to see real benefits for Meanwood as a result of the scheme and the additional wins we have secured for our community.

We all live locally, and will be available throughout to pick up any issues. We hold weekly street surgeries and monthly drop in surgeries including at Meanwood community centre.

How will the process be managed?

Throughout the work we will be available to raise any issues. We carry out regular street and drop in surgeries. However, some information about general arrangements can be found below, as described to us by a Highways Officer:

  • What arrangements are being put in place for businesses, in particular to make sure they can receive deliveries over the period?


"Access will be maintained wherever possible during the works and when this cannot be accommodated because construction activity is being undertaken in that location, then we will work with the businesses in the normal manner to minimise any inconvenience."


New loading space and wider pavements are being introduced as part of the scheme based on local business feedback.​

  • what's the timeline for this work, and what will be done at each phase ?


"The contractor will have two gangs working initially, one will work on the Green Road junction (including the north-western footway of Monk Bridge Road) and the other will focus on Stonegate Road. The works are being done in a way to maintain pedestrian routes and two way traffic for vehicles so that disruption is kept to a minimum in the first instance. It wont be until we get to the central islands around the end of June that we will need to install temporary traffic signals.

A third gang will be looking to work on Meanwood Road around Gordon View and Monk Bridge Road after Easter."


  • What are the plans to help pedestrians/businesses/drivers at each stage to manage their journeys?

"As with any project, signing, coning and barriers will be erected where the construction activity is being undertaken and this will guide drivers and pedestrians during each phase of works.

When it is time to remove the existing signalised pedestrians crossing, a temporary facility will be installed to aid pedestrians to get from one side of the road to the other. Where we are working on the footways the contractor will either retain a section of the footpath or provide a safe diversion around the works using barriers. Access to the businesses will be maintained throughout.

Drivers will be directed through cones and signs to continue to movement through the junction. This will at some stage on the construction period result in the banned movement being implemented and the appropriate diversion routes being signs."

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